Monday, November 2, 2009

Bedroom Blah

Our bedroom so far has been pretty neglected. As you can see we have no headboard, no bed frame, our nightstands are end tables from my mom. (FYI: Not proud of these pics, but I'm keepin' it real, people.)

The lamps are hand-me-downs as well.

The curtains are ones I bought from a thrift store when we moved in just to keep the light out so we can sleep. They aren't quite long enough to cover the window!

I'm also toying with the pillow configuration and have yet to begin adding my little touches of orange. I originally started with a blue and gray color scheme, but it quickly became boring to me. :o/

Up to this point, I've had my heart set on a metal bed frame. You know, an antique-looking one with scrolly metal work? Even on Craigslist the cheapest I have found is still a couple hundred dollars. Hmph. I can see I will not be getting this anywhere in the near future.

Both Pottery Barn

I know there are many DIY headboards that are beautiful, but I wonder how functional they actually are. The last thing I want is to have something fall on my head in my sleep.

Like this for example. This is adorable, and you could display any art collection. But can you lean against it with your pillows while you read? If you stretch in the night, will your hand go through a piece of glass?

Vintage hankie headboard and drum nightstands? How sweet! (BHG)


And this one would lend us some much needed display/storage space. But I can just picture pillows knocking our books and picture frames behind our bed or waking up with seashell imprints on my face from them falling on the bed in the night.


I can see a variation of this being a little more sensible (even though the comments on Apartment Therapy were surprisingly harsh-- ouch!). Instead of hanging the fabric on a curtain rod where it can be pulled down, it can be hooked up very well where the ceiling and wall meet and the frame can be hung just high enough that when sitting up, it doesn't touch your head.

Apartment Therapy

And probably the most sensible of all is the fabric upholstered headboard. This seems easy enough, but I don't have a vehicle that is big enough to carry a king-sized piece of MDF or plywood back to the house, or the tools to cut the board to size.

Um, ca-ute!!! (CandiMandi)


So what is a headboard-less girl to do? Are there any solutions I'm not seeing? Any ideas on how to add some beauty this blank slate of a bedroom?


  1. I love the fabric cover "love" one so much.

    I don't have a headboard either. :( BOO.

    I'll try to keep my eye out for some ideas, or cheap iron ones.

  2. I am now obsessed with the drums as nightstands! Adorable!

    And Sue did the shelf-as-headboard thing. It actually was very fitting and cute for her. And having slept in that bed, it wasn't uncomfortable. It actually worked as a sneaky little nightstand for my cell phone and bottle of water.

  3. You are so adorable. White a pretty girl! I like the Apartment Therapy picture. I think it would be the easiest and least expensive. You don't have to use the picture frame, although you could probably get a cheap one at a yard sale or the good will. Just some beautiful fabric draped over a rod would work well. Did you see the post on my blog about the twinkling headboard made with inexpensive shutter doors (cheap at Lowes or Home Depot).

    Thank you for stopping by, and come back often, okay?


  4. Also -- spray paint those lamps AND the lamp shades white. The pillow configuration is fine.

  5. Did that sound bossy? I didn't want it to sound bossy? You've got a wonderful blog and your room will be beautiful!

  6. my headboard is actually under my bed now! haha

  7. i`m right there with you on the lack of a headboard & lack of much furniture in the bedroom to be quite honest! and i would LOVE a metal bed frame as well. maybe try going to yard sales

    good luck = )

  8. Well, lady, you got your metal bedframe & head"board", so what's next on your list?

  9. What about upholstered headboard panels? You could put several together to make the headboard. Plus the smaller pieces of wood would fit in your vehicle. Example: If you like the "LOVE" headboard, make a panel for each letter and mount them next to each other. Same look!!

    Another option is using doors or shutters as a headboard. We had a pair of doors as a headboard for a couple years. Or you can mount the door sideways. Oh, a folding screen would work for this as well!

    I've seen people paint headboards as well.

    Okay, apparently I watch too much HGTV!! Honestly, I've seen so many inexpensive ideas used on their home staging shows. It was fun thinking of possible solutions!! Can't wait to see what you come up with.


  10. P.S. I found the peacock feather tree at Goodwill. I just saw a peacock feather wreath at Pier 1 though...50% with the holiday stuff.

  11. I love your inspiration pics! Im looking for some myself!